About KAIZEN Institute

Discover and realise optimisation potential. The KAIZEN Institute Consulting Group is the world's leading global lean management consulting company. 


In over 30 countries in Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa and the Americas, the KAIZEN Institute advises companies, organisations and governments on the subject of continual improvement (KAIZEN). By critically assessing existing work processes and training employees in the proven KAIZEN methods, KAIZEN Institute experts help you improve the efficiency of your company with the minimum of capital outlay. 


KAIZEN Institute customers stem from a whole host of sectors, including the automotive industry, publishing and printing companies, heavy industry and the service sector. 


Masaaki Imai, the leading KAIZEN pioneer, founded the KAIZEN Institute in 1985 in the Swiss city of Zug; the KAIZEN Institute in Germany was then established in 1992 in Bad Homburg, with the KAIZEN Institute in Austria following in Salzburg in 2009. 


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